. Office of Emergency Management
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Office of Emergency Management

Emergency Management

"The judicious planning, assignment, and coordination of all available resources in an integrated program of prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery for emergencies of any kind."


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The Emergency Management Staff

The Office of Emergency Management staff includes a director, a deputy director, a nuclear planner/trainer, a SARA planner/trainer, a public information officer, a municipal planner/trainer, and an administrative assistant.


The New National Logo for Emergency Management

The new icon replaces the old civil defense symbol, a relic from the Cold War. The old civil defense symbols were used in public service campaigns for the same reason the new symbol is being introduced: to inspire people to become more involved in their own protection and preparedness. It will also serve to remind people that emergency management is a true profession to which thousands of public servants have devoted their careers. These professionals are dedicated not just to helping people recover from natural disasters or acts of terrorism, but to improving our nation’s preparedness.


New Emergency Management LogoThe symbol’s slogan, “Public Safety, Public Trust,” reminds citizens that they should be taking responsibility to protect their own lives, families, homes and businesses. For example, people have a responsibility to inform themselves of local evacuation plans. Families need to have their own emergency response plans in place. Schools need to maintain their readiness programs. Places of worship and other local institutions need to think about how they are prepared to help the community. Companies need to protect their employees by having evacuation and business continuity plans in place.

And just as important, all Americans are urged to pay attention to what your local, state and federal governments are doing. Know who your emergency managers are, care when budgets for first responder services are cut, and demand that Congress and State legislatures adequately fund emergency management programs across all levels of government.
The symbol’s three stars remind the public that local, state and federal levels are dedicated to protecting the lives and property of all Americans.

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