. Municipal Emergency Management Coordinators
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Municipal Emergency Management Coordinators

In accordance with Title 35, each municipality must have a local emergency management coordinator and an up-to-date emergency operations plan. The coordinator shall be professionally competent and capable of exerting leadership, planning, training, and effecting coordination among operating agencies of government and controlling coordinated operations. The municipal coordinator helps the community to achieve proper levels of preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation for various emergencies or disasters that might affect the municipality.

Title 35 - Health And Safety (.pdf)
Act 147 - Radiation Protection Act (.pdf)

As of November 2011, the requirements for coordinator certification have changed. Click below to see a sample certification letter and checklist of requirements for Basic, Advanced, and Professional certifications.

If you began the certification process prior to November 7, 2011, you have until November 7, 2012 to reach the next level under the old 2005 directive. After November 7, 2012 you must meet the requirements under the 2011 directive.

2005 Directive

Certification Checklist (pdf)

2011 Directive

PEMA Directive (pdf)
Sample Letter (pdf)
Local Certification Checklist - Advanced (pdf)
Local Certification Checklist - Basic (pdf)
Local Certification Checklist - Professional (pdf)

For upcoming training and exercises please see the Office of Emergency Management's training calendar.

For questions regarding appointing a coordinator, developing an emergency operations plan, or if your municipality is interested in teaming up with others to better utilize resources and efforts, contact Bill James at 717-840-2990 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Coordinator’s Resources

EMA Portable Radio Training (.pps)

Handbook (.pdf)

Program Orientation (.ppt)

COOP Manual

COOP Plan Template (.doc)

COOP Workbook Template (.xls)

Hand Washing Poster (.pdf)

Pandemic Municipal Plan Outline (.pdf)

New Coordinator Description & Appointment Form (.pdf)

EOP Review, Maintenance & Concurrence (.pdf)

Declaration of Disaster Emergency forms (.pdf)

Municipal Public Assistance forms

Initial Damage Reports (.pdf)

Infrastructure Disaster Damage Assessment (.pdf)

ICS 209 Short SCTF (.doc)

Unsure which municipality you live in? Check the map below:
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