. National Incident Management System (NIMS)
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National Incident Management System (NIMS)

In December 2004, Governor Edward Rendell issued a Proclamation that the Commonwealth has formally adopted the National Incident Management System (NIMS). NIMS is an initiative from President Bush and the Secretary of Homeland Security, derived after the events of September 11, 2001, for all emergency responders and all agencies involved in an emergency or disaster to have a standard for managing and recovering from such an emergency.

The NIMS Integration Center has established compliance requirements for state, county and local governments to be completed by Sept 30, 2007 (FY 07). FY07 is a transition year to measuring performance of NIMS compliance. In order to measure performance, all state and local jurisdictions are required to complete the FY07 NIMS Metrics and NIMS Baseline using the NIMS Compliance Assistance Support Tool (NIMSCAST).

The NIMS Integration Center (NIC) states that since Pennsylvania is a Commonwealth we are only required that each county complete a NIMSCAST versus each municipality completing a separate NIMSCAST. Therefore, York County will complete one Metrics and Baseline that will include all municipalities in the county.

In order to complete the FY07 NIMS Metrics and NIMS Baseline for the county, the FY07 NIMS Compliance Form will be used to collect the necessary information from each municipality. By completing the form, enough information will be provided for the county to complete the NIMSCAST and your municipality will be included. Please note: All questions must be answered “yes” on the Compliance Form to be considered NIMS compliant for FY07.

As you complete the form, keep in mind that each municipality is responsible for and speaks for all the emergency response agencies and other entities that reside within their political boundaries. This includes every fire department, law enforcement department, ambulance or emergency medical services organization, and municipal authority. When each municipality states they are NIMS compliant it will include the previous mentioned entities.

NIMS Documents

NIMS Training Guidelines (.pdf)

NIMS Training Pyramid (.ppt)

NIMS Resolution Template (.doc)

Executive Order Template (.doc)

2008 NIMS Letter (.doc)

NIMS Implementation Plan Template (.doc)

NIMS Resources Typing Report Sample (.xls)

IMS Animal Health Resources Resources Typing

NIMS Emergency Medical Services Resources Typing (.pdf)

NIMS Fire & HazMat Resources Typing (.pdf)

NIMS Health & Medical Resources Typing (.pdf)

NIMS Incident Mgmt. Resources Resources Typing (.pdf)

NIMS Law Enforcement & Security Resources Typing (.pdf)

NIMS Public Works Resources Typing (.pdf)

NIMS Search & Rescue Resources Typing (.pdf)

SWAT/Tactical Table (.pdf)

NIMS Metrics (.pdf)

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