. Mobile Communications Unit
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Mobile Communications Unit

Command Vehicle


Vehicle Specs:

  • Manufactured by Farber Specialty Vehicles
  • 33’-V10-362HP
  • 12.5Kw Quiet, water cooled gasoline generator
  • DVR recorder with time/date generator, DVD-R with full recording capabilities
  • 5-20 pneumatic telescoping mast, joystick and environmental enclosure for Pelco digital signal processing camera with pan/tilt/zoom
  • Separate command room with wall mounted 4' x 3' electronic Smart Board, with PC interface and projector. 4 wall-mounted 19" LCD TV's and 24" HP plotter
  • Slide out room 12' x 24" with 3 radio communicator positions with PC's and dual monitors
  • Weatherguard 18' electric roll up exterior awning
  • Digital satellite television system
  • Radio interoperability with surrounding jurisdictions and state
  • Satellite Internet Access
  • Satellite phone/fax capability
  • External connections for audio, video, power

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APCO Certified

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